Are you avoiding emotional expressions & difficult conversations

Why are some conversations so hard to have and some feelings so difficult to express? What are they doing to us, lying parked inside us?

The “navrasa” – 9 emotions are an essential element of our wellbeing because we humans are physically, mentally & chemically programmed to feel, process & live them! Very often, or maybe most of the time, we fail to express how we truly feel about situations, people or incidents and decide to ignore them or just let them remain “safe” inside us. This may feel like a “safe” response but can be detrimental to our emotional wellbeing and physical health.

To begin with, this safe response of piling up emotions block your communication, and progressive thoughts make things complicated to be communicated.

It becomes a habit and creates a comfort zone. We avoid acknowledging, expressing or communicating and blame it on

  • Our communication skills
  • Other people’s nature / character & emotional / mental level
  • Matter not being worth discussing
  • An out of control situation

But the truth is that our own simple emotions, which we are not good at managing, and in turn make them look difficult by piling them up.

From affecting our communication pattern, it gets to our mind – that affects how we think and behave on related matters. I’m sure my readers understand how and why the mind controls everything – your body, hormones, happiness, looking good, being and feeling healthy – all of it!


To stop avoiding difficult situations & conversations, you must first learn to identify and manage your own emotions.

  • Instead of denial & avoidance, see & acknowledge
  • Validate your emotions by detaching your Anxiety, ego and shame from
    your true feelings.
  • Clarify your goals & identify them with your core values while you
    process or communicate your emotions

Releasing your emotions doesn’t have to be painful and hard; rather, it can be organic and effortless. It’s important not to judge whatever comes up for you. We tend to stuff our feelings when we are ashamed of them, let our ego play, or are not in sync with our core.

There is nothing wrong with having feelings, whatever they may be. You can’t help your feelings; if anything, you can help yourself by acknowledging the truth of your emotions so you can set yourself free by finding the right way to process them!

Just a thought ….

Is the fear of being judged, looking vulnerable, or getting emotionally exposed – more important than your physical – mental health, personality & or happiness?

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