Our Therapies

A curative blend of unique therapies to unite the force of five senses in a concentrated manner.

Natya Yoga®

Sound & Wave Therapy

In this therapy, we monitor the brain waves using non-medical to access & study the state of brain waves and retune them through music and meditation. Hereby creating an experience for our clients by exposing them to different levels of consciousness.

These levels of consciousness and alignment of waves depends on current state & achievable goals of the clients.

This personalized therapy entails a unique experience for every single client!  Before starting and recommending any of our therapies, we conduct a thorough & in dept study of case (client) – their medical history, lifestyle & journey. Based on our study and client’s requirement & achievable – we craft out a customised program for them.

The therapy involves retuning the waves of the brain to a single or multiple desired frequency to reach different levels of consciousness & subconscious programming – through unique methods like – Live music meditation, detailed conversations , affirmations etc.

All the more unique – with live, on the spot music programming & instruments playing and my 21 years of practical wisdom in personalising the entire therapy. Sound & Waves therapy is a must for those who want to get out of addiction, declutter their mind , rejuvenate & re tune their vibrations!

Natya Yoga®

Vayu Therapy

Vayu Therapy is a breath work pattern that heals anything within the body.

In Ayurveda, diagnosis and treatment is based on Vata, Pitta and Kapha constitutions. Without the help of Vatta , the Pitta & Kapha cannot move.

Vata has the power & potency to balance & unbalance Pitta and Kapha which is when even the medicines fail, breath work helps.

Our body has all 5 elements, but it becomes alive only when it has Prana Vayu. Oscillation of Prana keeps it pulsating. When our Prana levels sink, we become dull, drowsy, dizzy & tired. It is when Prana diminishes that the , then the Atman (soul) leaves the body.

Vayu plays a crucial role in adjusting life and longevity. The greater the Prana flow, the longer the Atman resides in the body.

Each prana and its union with the body is a unique combination – a unique possibility. Finding the right patterns of breath work and putting them into your daily practice can do miracles and can heal anything within the body.

It’s the right breathing that helps air, fire, water and earth to remain balanced & stable inside us.

The therapy effects the Prana and oxygen levels, keeps immunity high and stress levels low. It has a drastic impact on reducing anxiety and chances of depression, reducing bad cholesterol, curbing addictions, balancing immunity & maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Natya Yoga®

Jala Therapy

A therapy using water to relax your body and mind. Its enhances the power of meditation to unlock a whole new level of inner peace and healing.

Water has been associated with calmness and purity, making it a sacred element across religions & cultures. water plays a crucial part in everyone’s daily lives. We are all composed of water, making it a core of our existence.

Life on Earth began in the oceans, and we humans start our lives in amniotic fluid inside the womb, which is 99 % water.

The human body consists of between 45 and 75% water – the exact amount depends on your age and gender.

The flowing, shapeless yet powerful state of water has several benefits – particularly when using right water meditation techniques regularly.

This therapy helps you deal with mental and physical traumas; connect your body, mind and soul, descend a feeling of calmness; relieve stress and anxiety, and boost energy to increase productivity and adaptability in your everyday life.

Natya Yoga®

Kathak for Wellbeing

An evolved version of Kathak personalised according to your wellness needs. Its amalgamation of mind body & senses for complete wellbeing.

The new age art form – a version of Kathak personalised according to your wellness needs.

This therapy trains your mind, body, emotion & breath and aligns/weave them in coordinated patterns. I personalise this disciplined & systematic program, by inculcating

  •  Yoga & dance movement for physical fitness
  • Affirmations for mental health & positivity
  • Breathing patterns to re-energize each cell
  • Expressions for your emotional well-being & 
  • Meditation and music to help re-program your mind and re-channelize your energy

We write and compose a musical pattern based on your physical, mental & emotional needs during your training therapy. Your yoga, meditation, chanting, affirmations, movements, & breathing pattern is choreographed on this music. We hand over the final copy on completion of your programs with your exclusive copyrights.

The way you connect to yourself is what defines you and that exactly is who you are ! The judgements and perceptions we create on our way to self-discovery are transient. They are nither real nor meant to stay longer, don’t allow them to cloud your mind.

Be who you truly are and nothing else matters because this is you journey, your life !

There are unrealized feeling & desires, unexpressed emotions, negative & uncontrolled thoughts in our subconscious. We live a life unaware of our possibilities & potential, inside an un-evaluated self!

This program helps you build your connection with your subconscious self to re-create your ‘self-perception’ & discover possibilities to let your true potential shine define who you are!

Wellbeing Aacharya

Natya Yoga®

When the life forces, The – ‘Indriya’, ‘Chitta’, ‘Buddhi’, ‘Manas’ and ‘Deha’ and their motion are in the right balance and union, it leads to happiness & wellbeing which evokes your inner powers and empower you with immense possibilities.


Aparna Mishra

Aparna Mishra is a Wellness coach, with a decade and a half experience of consulting clients across the globe. She firmly believes in uniqueness of each individual – their unique situations & challenges and so the very unique solutions to balance their life.

She has evolved her own style & therapies to craft out unique solutions for her clients based on their unique needs.

Her experiences are devoid of label & degrees and she dedicate her knowledge, skill and experience to the faith of every single student , client or case whom she’s crossed her paths with. Her experience with each of them – coming from various walks of life across the globe has been an experiential & heuristic learning for her.